Humboldt Beginnings

← Pictured left, one of our filling machines is filling cones with some Herbal Spirits herbal smoking blends.

We design, develop, and manufacture cone, wrap, and tube filling machines.  Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Humboldt County, CA.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best affordable filling machines possible.  Our machines allow our customers to quickly make large quantities of their product in a shorter period of time.

All of our filling machines are made from sustainably sourced durable bioplastics.  Our vibration tables utilize an industrial quality motor that has been custom configured to provide a smooth, powerful shake that quickly and effectively fills cones with your material.

A message from the owner: 

"After years of research and design, the native Humboldt County company Humboldt Filling Machines is establishing themselves as an industry standard for effective, affordable, bulk pre-roll making machines.  Advantages include greater value at a much lower buy in price than other filling machines and better flexibility.  Humboldt Filling Machines makes a modular vibration technology based machine that features swappable cartridges so the user can fill their choice of over 15 different sizes of pre-rolls, wraps, and tubes.  A Humboldt Filling Machine Starter Kit can fill anywhere between 55 to 389 pre-rolls, wraps, or tubes in one session depending on the cartridge being used."

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