84mm Artisan Tube Filling Machine Starter Kit

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Fill up to 389 tubes in one session with a 84mm Artisan Tube Filling Machine Starter Kit. Fits 84mm tubes, sometimes called "84mm Cig Tubes".  These tubes generally fill 0.5 grams of material per wrap.

Please view our sizing guide to see more cone, wrap, and tube sizes.

Our Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start filling your wraps.

Every Starter Kit comes standard with one complete cartridge setup.  This includes the cartridgeriser, and tamping tool that will aid in compressing your material during operation.

Our universal vibration table features an industrial quality vibrating device that has been specially configured to efficiently and smoothly shake your material. Our vibrating devices are CNC'ed from high quality stainless steel.  Each one is hand-configured and quality control tested to ensure longevity and reliability.

Each vibration table comes with an extension cord with a power switch. The included stabilization mat will prevent the vibration table from "walking away" during operation on hard surfaces.

This starter kit comes with one of each of the following:

  • Filling Machine Cartridge
  • Riser
  • Tamping Tool
  • Vibration Table
  • Stabilization Mat
  • Extension Cord with Power Switch

How to use this Filling Machine Starter Kit:

  1. Set the vibration table on the stabilization mat.

  2. Plug the vibration table into the switched extension cord.
  3. Plug the extension cord into a power outlet.
  4. Place the cartridge on the vibration table; set the riser aside for now.
  5. Fill the holes of the cartridge with your wraps.
  6. Turn on the vibration table using the switch on the extension cord.
  7. Fill the top of the cartridge with your material and the vibration action will shake your material into the wraps.
  8. Use the included tamping tool to pack your material during operation.  PLEASE NOTE: Firmly tamp your material early in the filling process to ensure a firm, crisp, tight pack right near the crutch.
  9. Once your wraps are full, turn the vibration table off.
  10. Tilt the cartridge 90º on it's side (so the wraps don't fall out) and place the riser on the vibration table, next to the cartridge.
  11. Tilt the cartridge back onto it's operating position, on top of the riser, and the wraps will be pushed up so that they are accessible.

  12. Remove each wrap to finish.

Our filling machines can be cleaned with hot water up to 130º F. We recommend using an isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) & salt mixture, commonly used to remove plant resin and residue.  Please do not expose our machines to temperatures over 130º or leave outdoors in direct sunlight.

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