Box of 100 98mm Regular Cones, Organic Hemp

Humboldt Filling Machines

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A box of one-hundred unbranded/generic 98mm Regular Cones in "Organic Hemp". These 98mm cones are sometimes called "Classic" or "Special Classic".  These cones generally fit 0.75 grams of material per cone.

Please view our sizing guide to see more cone, wrap, and tube sizes.

High Quality, Machine-Made Cones Designed For Cone Fillers & Knock Boxes.

Our cones are made from high quality French rolling paper, and come in industry standard sizes with 26mm crutches. Every cone is machine-made instead of hand-rolled, which results in more consistent cone quality.

These precision cones are excellent for use in high powered vibration cone-fillers and knock-boxes, and are guaranteed to fit our corresponding cone filling cartridges.

We currently offer industry standard cone sizes in the following paper types:  in the following sizes:

Our cones also come in a choice of the following paper types:

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