84mm Special 1 1/4 Cone C-ONE Single Cone Filler & Tamping Tool

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Quickly & easily fill 84mm 1 1/4 Special Cones with our C-ONE single cone filler & tamping tool.

Fits 84mm cones, usually called 1 1/4 cones.  These cones generally fill 0.5g of material per cone, depending on the material's consistency.

Please view our sizing guide to see more cone sizes.

Faster, Easier, & Cleaner Than Traditional Rolling Machines.

Traditional rolling methods are time consuming and unsanitary. That’s why the industry prefers to use cone filling machines for mass production.

We’ve taken the industry's favorite method of quickly filling cones and made a simple cone filler to use at home.

Roll one up in a fraction of the time, & share a clean, professional looking product with your friends.

C-ONE Single Cone Fillers come standard in the following sizes:

    How to use this C-ONE Single Cone Filler:

    1. Place the C-ONE filler on a hard surface.
    2. Insert a cone into the hole.
    3. Pour a very small amount of material into the cone, and tamp it down a few times to make sure you get a crisp, solid joint between the crutch and the remainder of the cone.
    4. Fill and tamp your material a few more times until nearly full. Leave some space to twist at the end. TIP: You can also knock the C-ONE against the surface you are working on a few times to pack the material in the cone down.
    5. Remove the filled cone by pushing it up from the bottom.
    6. Twist the end to finish.

    Our filling machines can be cleaned with hot water up to 130º F. We recommend using an isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) & salt mixture, commonly used to remove plant resin and residue.  Please do not expose our machines to temperatures over 130º or leave outdoors in direct sunlight.

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